Freshwater Fishing

Sponsoring Organization:

Alabama Department of Conservation & Natural Resources

Code Section: Section 32-6-64
Primary Tag Type(s): FF (Pre-numbered)
Secondary Tag Type (s): 02 (Personalized)
Series Began: May 2014

Who may purchase license plates in this category?
All residents of Alabama who are vehicle owners
and supporters of the Alabama Department
of Conservation and Natural Resources.

Is there any documentation required
to be presented by the registrant
prior to purchasing this plate?

What registration fees are associated
with the purchase of this license plate?

$23.00- $890.00 depending on the type
of vehicle being registered.

May the plates be personalized? Yes

Additional fees: $50.00 for pre-numbered
or personalized plate.

How often are the additional fees

Are plates in this category transferable?
If so, to whom?
The plates are not
transferable between vehicle owners.

What type of vehicles may this plate
be displayed upon?
Private passenger
automobiles, pickup trucks, and pleasure
motor vehicles (i.e., recreational vehicles).

How are the net proceeds from the
purchase of this plate distributed?

The net proceeds will be used for the
enhancement of aquatic resources.

How often does the license plate
design change?
Every five (5) years.