The Calhoun County Commissioner of License Offices in Anniston, Alexandria and Piedmont are open from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm on Mondays thru Fridays, excluding holidays. The Anniston office does not close for lunch, however, the Piedmont Annex closes from 11:30 to 12:45,  and the Alexandria office closes for lunch from 11:30-12:30.

Your check should be made payable to: Barry E. Robertson, Commissioner of Licenses. You must have the driver’s license number and two phone numbers for the person who has signed the check.

The Calhoun County Commissioner of License office does not accept credit or debit cards. However, through Ingenuity, Inc.,  a private internet company, we can process your payment for a processing fee ( 3% or $.50 minimum of total amount due). 

For multiple tag renewals, boat renewals, manufactured homes and business licenses, the charge is  3% of the total.

This fee is a charge from Ingenuity, Inc.,  and none of this fee is retained by Calhoun County. Please do not use your credit/debit card unless you are willing to pay this fee.


Alabama is a title state. A title is a document, which proves ownership. Since titling requirements vary by state, you may not currently have a title on your vehicle. A new Alabama resident is required to title and register his/her vehicle with thirty (30) days of moving into the state with a valid out-of-state registration. State law requires an Alabama resident who owns a motor vehicle to obtain a title for that motor vehicle if it is 35 years or newer model. Automobiles and trucks older than 35 years old do not require titles. Boats are not titled. Boat trailers are not registered in Alabama. Campers and trailers are not titled when they are older than 20 years.

You may apply for an Alabama title at the Calhoun County Administration Building. A vehicle being registered in Alabama, which was previously registered in another state, must be present for inspection by a county official at the Anniston location. The Alexandria and Piedmont locations will process Alabama titles only. No inspections will be done at these locations. 

Title applications are sent to Montgomery for processing then mailed to the vehicle owner or lien holder. The fee for applying for a title is $18.00. Any applicable sales tax owed will be due at the time the Alabama title is processed, whether you are tagging the vehicle or not.

There is a $23.00 fee for processing a title for a manufactured home. This fee is assessed on each part of the home be it single, double or triple-wide. Homes older than 20 years do not require titles. All sales tax will be collected at the time of title/registration.

The following is a list of States that send a valid original title to the owner and not to the lien holder. Applicants are required to surrender the original title before they can make application for first Alabama Title and purhcase license plates.

Original Certificate of Title held by owner in the following States:

Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan (Unless owner authorizes title to be mailed to lienholder – TR-114), Minnesota, Montana (Unless owner signs MV 37A form when lienholder requests title), New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, South Dakota (Unless owner indicates that title is to be mailed to lienholder), Wisconsin, Wyoming (Either as requested)

 Application for a replacement title can be made by the registered owner of a vehicle at the Calhoun County Commissioner of License Office for a fee of $18.00.  location.  PLEASE NOTE: Only the registered owner of a vehicle may apply for a replacement title after showing proper proof of identification and vehicle information.

A public portal is also available for the general public to apply for a replacement title without having to come to the local office.   Documents are uploaded into the portal, applications are made directly from Alabama Department of Revenue Titles Division at       

Vehicles must be transferred within 20 calendar days of the date of purchase to avoid penalties.

When the deceased has left no probated will, you will need the outstanding original title, a copy of the death certificate, and a completed MVT Form 5-6 (commonly referred to as the Next of Kin Form)

When the deceased has left a probated will, you will need the outstanding certificate of title properly assigned by the executor, and letters of testamentary or letters of administration.

For further information regarding the transfer of a title or when an owner is deceased, please contact our office at 256-241-2900 or email

The status of a title application can be tracked through the public portal on the Alabama Department of Revenue’s website at
Any questions you may have about your title can be answered through the portal. You will need to be prepared with the  VIN number and other pertinent information in the email, such as make, model, and year of the vehicle.

After the application is made and approved, the State of Alabama will mail the title directly to the registered owner or lien holder normally within 4 to 6 weeks.

Specific military documentation may be needed in order for you to register your vehicle, and we will be glad to assist you.
Please contact our office by phone at 256-241-2900 or email the Title Specialist at in order for us help you with your specific needs.

  • The cost of a title is $15.00 plus a $3.00 fee due to the County License Plate Issuing Official. The state registration fee for a private passenger vehicle is $23.00, with a $1.25 issuance fee. In addition, local fees and taxes may apply.
  • Distinctive license plates, including military plates, may be purchased instead of the standard license plate. Certain qualifications, as well as additional fees, may apply. For a complete list of vanity plates, click here.

If you are a legal resident of Alabama and Calhoun County, you must bring the vehicle to the the Ken Joiner Administration Building at 1702 Noble Street in Anniston, Alabama. A county official will inspect the vehicle identification number (VIN) of the vehicle prior to issuing an Alabama title.

  • You must also provide to the county official with the Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (MSO)/foreign title document (or a copy of the title, if there is a lien holder), a copy of the current vehicle registration, and a bill of sale (if applicable). Depending on the vehicle type, the county official may require additional documentation (i.e., EPA and DOT certification letters).  The customs report from Homeland Security is required.
  • Please contact the Titles Specialist at tsmith@calhouncounty.orgfor more information.

The cost of an Alabama title is $15, plus a $3 fee due to the County License Plate Issuing Official. Once the Alabama title has been issued, you will be able to register the vehicle (obtain a license plate). The cost of a standard passenger license plate is $23, plus $1.25 issuance fee. Local fees, ad valorem tax, and sales tax may be added to this amount by the County License Plate Issuing Official’s office.


Contact the Commissioner of License Office of Calhoun County and give your new mailing address. Be prepared to provide some basic information about your vehicle registration for verification. You may also email your request to

New Alabama residents have 30 calendar days to register vehicles, even if their out-of-state tags are valid.

Yes. Alabama law (Section 40-5-34) allows the assessment of two years back ad valorem tax owed plus the current taxes due (one year forward). This law includes vehicles recently purchased by a new owner and utility trailers that have not been registered in several years.

The minimum registration requirements are as follows:

  • Valid driver’s license or State Issued ID (with few exceptions of form of identification) for EACH REGISTERED OWNERpursuant to Section 32-7A-17, Code of Alabama 1975.
  • Title document (see titles page) or Title Application issued by a designated agent of the State of Alabama.
  • Bill of Sale showing proof of sales tax, purchase price and date of vehicle, and/or trade information. Bills of sale must list vehicle by description and vin; they must also list the address of the seller and buyer.   A bill of sale from dealership must be in compliance with the rules set by the State of Alabama.
  • Proof of Alabama insurance. Out-of-state policies will not be accepted for Alabama licensing purposes. Certain military policies, such as USAA, must confirm before being accepted. (Please see MLI section on the Registration page for more information.)

There may be several reasons for differences in the cost of your tag renewal. Normally, a vehicle’s value will depreciate, reducing the assessed value of the vehicle. You may have moved into a new jurisdiction with a different tax rate. The tag you bought last year may have been pro-rated for a partial year. If so, your assessment this year will be higher since it will reflect a full year.

Yes. A utility trailer driven on Alabama roadway must be tagged. Please call 256-241-2900 or email Miranda Bryant at for details.

A serviceman who is a resident of Alabama (or who claims Alabama as his/her home of record) IS subject to Alabama ad valorem taxes.

A non-resident serviceman could purchase a vehicle currently registered in Alabama, and the serviceman would be liable for accrued ad valorem tax from date previously paid.

Handicapped License Plates
Applications for handicapped License Plates may be obtained from the Commissioner of License Office. A physician must sign the Application for Disability Access Parking Privileges, and the vehicle must be titled in the name of the person making the application. You may access the application by clicking the link below.

Application for Disability Access Parking Privileges

Handicapped Placards
Handicapped placards may be obtained by submitting the above application. The vehicle does not have to be titled in the name of the handicapped person and the placards may be displayed in any vehicle in which the handicapped person is a passenger.

You may visit MYDMV to search for and reserve a personalization design and lettering. Your reservation will be valid for 5 days. Take your order confirmation to the Calhoun County Commissioner of License office at any location, and the clerk will order your tag. You will receive a temporary tag to use until your new personalized tag comes to you in the mail.

Once tags are ordered from the Alabama Department of Revenue by the county licensing official, your tag will arrive in the mail in about 8 weeks.


If you are unable to designate your school by using the RENEWAL OPTIONS feature when renewing your tag on-line, please call 256-241-2900 at the time that you place your order to ensure that your school receives your donation.



Yes, if your vessel is newer than 1972, you will need a 12 digit hull number. If there is a motor, you will need a motor serial number as well. According to Alabama Laws and Regulations Governing Operation of Registration and Vessels, § 33-5-9, posted in 2009 by the Alabama Marine Police, Vessels are to be registered and numbered.

  • Every vessel on the waters of this state shall be registered and numbered.
  • No person shall operate or give permission for the operation of any vessel on such waters unless the vessel is registered and numbered with the identifying number set forth in the certificate of registration displayed on each side of the bow of such vessel, or in accordance with applicable federal law or in accordance with a federally approved numbering system of another state, and unless the certificate of number awarded to such vessel is in full force and effect. (Acts 1959, No. 576, p. 1442, § 7.)

If your vessel is newer than 1972, and you do not find a hull number, please call the Alabama Department of Conservation at 1-800-272-7930. You may be asked to complete an application for a State assigned hull ID number. That form is available from the Alabama Department of Conservation (Marine Police) or you may obtain this application from the Commissioner of License Office in Anniston or by clicking here.

For further information pertaining to boats, please contact the boat department by phone at 256-241-2900 or email 

No. The Commissioner of License Office is set up to process boat renewals and car tag renewals at the same counter. However, you may be asked to pay for a late boat renewal or a new boat registration at the Boat Department in the Anniston Office.


Yes. All manufactured homes are required to have current decals posted on the home so that it is visible from the road by the inspector. If your decal is not visible from the road, you may be cited. Code of Alabama (40-12-255b)

Manufactured home decals may be renewed in the months of October and November of each year. If you fail to renew your decal by November 30, you will be charged a late fee, and you are at risk of being issued a citation.

Any mobile home without a decal is at risk of a citation. If your decal has not been renewed, check with your landlord. For further information call the Manufactured Home Department at 256-241-2900.

Yes. If you renew your manufactured home registration after November 30th, there is a delinquent fee automatically due. If a citation is issued, there will be an additional citation fee. If the citation fee is not paid within 15 days of the citation, then an additional delinquency fee will be charged.


Yes. For further information about business licenses, please contact the business license department at 256-241-2900 or

If you are starting a new business, you will need to complete a business license application and present it to the county licensing official. You may obtain a copy by clicking here.

If your business changes location, your original license may be brought to the Calhoun County License Commissioner’s Office, or it can be mailed with a written request to change the location. An address change may affect your license rate, as many State License fees are based on municipal population. Even if you already have a license from another county, you will need to complete the Calhoun County Business License Application.

State and County business licenses may be transferred to new owners. Transfer requires the original license(s) be endorsed on the face of the license by the Seller, a Bill of Sale, and fee (fees vary with the number of licenses to be transferred.) Note: Business licenses issued to professionals (doctors, engineers, accountants, etc.) are not transferable.


Most Alabama Hunting and Fishing Licenses are valid from September through August, no matter what time of year the license is purchased. For more information about hunting and fishing licenses, please visit our section in this website on Hunting and Fishing Licenses or visit the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources at may also call our office at 256-241-2900 or email