MAIL CORRESPONDENCE TO: 1702 Noble Street STE 107 Anniston, AL 36201

Our office would like to assist you in registering your vehicle in Calhoun County. We’ve outlined some of the basic requirements in this section of our site.
  • When purchasing or leasing a new or used vehicle, the new owner must register the vehicle within twenty (20) days at the Commissioner of Licenses office. If the vehicle is acquired from a licensed Alabama dealer, then the dealer should apply for the Alabama certificate of title. It is the owner’s responsibility to register the vehicle in his/her home county within twenty (20) calendar days.

NOTE:  The Piedmont Annex of the Commissioner of Licenses Office can now process a title transfer for casual sales in Alabama.

Vehicle Purchased From An Alabama Dealer
If vehicle was purchased from an Alabama Dealer, please bring the following:

  • Alabama Department of Revenue title application.
  • Bill of Sale showing proof of sales tax, purchase price and date of vehicle purchase, and/or trade information. Bill of sale must list vehicle by description and vin. A bill of sale from an Alabama dealership must meet the requirements set by Code of Alabama, 1975, Section 40-23-104 and Administrative Rule 810-5-1-.246.
  • If available, a legible copy of most recent tag registration (for tag transfer).
  • Motor vehicle dealer affidavit for ad valorem tax information when purchasing a used vehicle.
  • Proof of current insurance, including the NAIC number and policy number for the vehicle being registered. This may be electronic information transmitted via email  or via fax to the Commissioner of License Office. Your license clerk can give you the fax number at the time of visit to the licensing office.
  • Valid driver license number and expiration date for each person on the title, OR valid State Issued driver license / ID for registrants with out of state licenses.
  • Vehicle must be registered within twenty (20) calendar days from the date of purchase or a $15.00 late penalty will be assessed at the time of registration.

**Please note: The Calhoun County Commissioner of License Office does not process title applications for any other designated agent/licensed dealer from the state of Alabama.

Purchased from an Individual with an Alabama Title
If vehicle was purchased from an individual with Alabama title, please bring the following:
  • Original title (signed by the seller/owner)– to be surrendered at the time of registration
  • Bill of Sale
  • Proof of current insurance on the vehicle being purchased
  • Odometer reading is required for any transfer of a motor vehicle 2011 and newer and under 16,000 lbs.
  • If vehicle is older than 35 years,  a title is not required, but a bill of sale is. The bill of sale must present the  make, model, year, vehicle identification number (VIN) and color. Untitled vehicles may be subject to a VIN inspection at the time of registration.
  • Vehicle must be registered within twenty (20) calendar days from the date of purchase.

Unless a power of attorney form is completed by the legal owner, no other person (even a spouse or other family member) may complete these transactions. Fax copies of power of attorney forms are  acceptable, but ONLY WHEN NOTARIZED. State of Alabama POAs (5-13) must be the original form and signature.

If two buyers are on the title and their names are joined by “and”, both must come in or give the other person power of attorney; if the names are joined by “or”, either may come in. The registrant must have his Alabama driver’s license or state issued identification card.

Purchased Out of State
If vehicle was purchased out of state, the following is required to register the vehicle:

  • The title document in original form or Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (MCO)–to be surrendered at the time of registration / any dealer reassignment forms.
  • Bill of Sale, required to determine sales tax liability
    • When financed, the dealership may submit these original documents to 1702 Noble Street, Ste 107, Anniston, AL  36201

    • For a complete breakdown of fees and further information, please contact mbryant@calhouncounty.org
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Owner must come in person (as previously stated).
  • Vehicle must be registered within twenty (20) calendar days from the date of purchase or within twenty (20) days of entering the State, or a $15.00 late penalty will be assessed at the time of registration.
  • Vehicle must be present for inspection. This process may be completed only at the Anniston location.

Registration of Out of State Vehicle
If vehicle currently is registered out-of-state and moving to Alabama, the following is necessary to register the vehicle:

  • Original Title – to be surrendered for registration
  • Proof of Alabama Insurance
  • Vehicle must be present for inspection at the Anniston location only.
  • Registrant named on title must come in person.

Please Note: When you register a vehicle with an out-of-state registration, you MUST bring the vehicle for inspection in order to verify that the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the vehicle matches the title or registration documents. This inspection is not to verify the condition or safety of the vehicle. VIN inspections are completed at the Anniston location only.

** If the vehicle is inoperable for any reason, a Law Enforcement Inspection form may be picked up from any of our annexes around the county.

Registration of Vehicles Which are Financed
Vehicle financed when purchased out-of-state,  please bring the following:

  • Copy of title document, front and back, from lien holder OR printout of the electronic title.
    • We can request this if the lien holder requires a formal request. Please contact our office at tsmith@calhouncounty.org for more information.  Title copies showing lien-holder information can be faxed to 256-231-1892 / Attention:  Titles.
    • Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New York, New Jersey, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Wyoming are states that send original title to the owner and not the lien holder. Owners from these states must surrender the actual title to obtain the Alabama title.  Once issued, the Alabama title will be mailed to the lien holder address.
  • Copy of registration from the previous state of residence.
  • Vehicle must be present for inspection at the Anniston location only.
  • Registrant must come in person.
  • Registrant must bring proof of Alabama insurance.

Leased vehicles which are currently registered out of state will require the following:

  • Original title from lessor
    • We can request this if the lessor requires a formal request. Please contact tsmith@calhouncounty.org for more information.
  • Power of attorney from lessor to individual registering the vehicle
  • Copy of the lease agreement
  • Copy of registration from previous state of residence
  • Vehicle present for VIN/ odometer inspection at the Anniston office
  • Proof of Alabama insurance
  • Registrant must come in person

Commercial vehicles owned by firms, corporations, or association will be registered in the county where the vehicle is based.

Replacement Titles
Replacement titles can be completed one of the following ways:

1.  Application for a replacement title can be made by the registered owner of a vehicle at the Calhoun County Commissioner of License Office for a fee of $18.00. This transaction may be completed in any of our three locations.

2. Apply for replacement title using the Alabama Department of Revenue Online Public Title  Portal.   Using this portal, owners may check the status of a title application, update an undeliverable address, or apply online for a Replacement Title.  Applications may be paid for with a credit or debit card. In order for the process to be completed and title to be mailed, the registrant must electronically sign and upload the application and any supporting documents. The public portal will also accept scanned POAs.

Note: The public portal for replacement title application does now currently accept Manufactured Home VINs; therefore, replacement titles may be applied for manufactured homes.

**PLEASE NOTE: Only the registered owner of a vehicle may apply for a replacement title after showing proper proof of identification and vehicle information.

Contact Us
If you have any questions relating to tag or title information, please call the Calhoun County Commissioner of License Office at 256-241-2900 or email tsmith@calhouncounty.org. We will try to provide you with the answer to your question as soon as possible.