Latest Memo Regarding Disability Access  
 Disability placards are being renewed for the next five years.
Legislative Act 2021-407 allows persons with long-term disabilities to obtain a license plate issued under Chapter 6 of Title 32 or Chapter 12 of Title 40, Code of Ala. 1975, which displays the International Symbol of Access. Instead of manufacturing distinctive disability access license plates for every license plate category, a print on demand disability access decal (pictured above) will be issued. The decal will be affixed in the upper left corner of any license plate issued to private passenger automobiles, motorcycles, pickup trucks and self-propelled  campers with a gross vehicle weight of 12,000 pounds or less. The license plate number should be printed on the decal and the receipt will be printed in the same format as other print on demand decals and receipts. Print on demand disability access decals and receipts, as well as new long-term disability access placards will be delivered to licensing offices before January 1. Disability access decals and placards should be issued in accordance with administrative rule 810-5-1-.225. Renewals will only be done in the renewal month. Renewal placards will not be issued in advance of the renewal. Note: physician recertification is not required for persons with long-term disabilities, instead these individuals may self-certify. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact the MVD at 334-242-9000.

The renewal slips from the commissioner of licenses has a new look this year to coincide with the new disability access renewal procedures.  

Beginning in January, registrants with disability parking privileges will notice new wording at the top of the form. “By signing below, I certify that I meet the requirements to receive a disability access license plate or placard.”

The signature line at the bottom is for the registrant with the access privileges to sign stating that their privileges remain in effect. Once the information is verified, a placard and a license plate will be issued to the registrant.  

By federal law, the number of placards allowed to be issued are limited. Registrants with license plates will not be issued more than one placard.