New Service Offered in Piedmont

The Calhoun County Commissioner of Licenses, Barry E. Robertson, announces that Alabama title transfers can be completed in the Alvin Gibbs Annex in Piedmont, effective November 2, 2020.  The change in policy was made possible by a new processing system set forth by Ingenuity, the data processing company employed by Calhoun County Commissioner of Licenses Office for the registration of motor vehicles.

In the new process, images of the titles are digitally sent to Montgomery in an overnight process, while the paper documents are subsequently mailed.  This new way of sending images allows for the titles to be reviewed and either approved or rejected quickly, thus resulting in a quicker turn around time for the title.

The capability to process titles in Piedmont means that residents will be able to register their vehicles more conveniently.  In the past, residents have had to make the drive to Anniston to the main branch of the Commissioner of Licenses Office. While out of state titles will have to still be transferred in Anniston because of the vehicle inspection, many residents will benefit from the change.

Alabama Title transfers are available in Piedmont.