Starting January 15, 2020, Alabama Law Enforcement Agency will be able to remove the Y Learner Restriction from a learner’s permit and also add a Class V vessel endorsement to a license after the test scores have been submitted to ALEA from the State Department of Education Driver Education Course.

In addition, applicants who take the authorized online vessel certification class can have the vessel endorsement added to their licenses also.

Once the scores have been uploaded into ALEA’s system, young drivers can have the Y restriction removed at the local licensing office. In Calhoun County these offices are at the Ken Joiner Administration Building and the Alvin E. Gibbs Piedmont Annex.  There is no cost to remove the learner restriction and receive a Graduated Driver License.  There is a $5.00 fee to add the vessel endorsement to the ID.  However, a driver wishing to add a Star to the ID for the federal identification status will have to go to the Jacksonville State Trooper examination post.

Young drivers will need to bring their Learner Permit and their social security card to the Commissioner of Licenses Office to have the Y restriction removed.  Information must have already been uploaded into ALEA’s database before the restriction can be removed.

Please contact ALEA at 334 242 4400 for more information, or visit their website at www.alea.gov to schedule an appointment for a STAR ID, which will be required for domestic commercial flights beginning October 1, 2020.