July 31, 2011, marked the end of an established career. Trudy Hardegree retired from the Commissioner of License Office after thirty years of continual service. Mrs. Hardegree worked her initial thirteen years with Alvin E. Gibbs and the remaining 17 years with current Commissioner Barry E. Robertson.

Trudy began her career in 1981 when tags and titles were processed in the Calhoun County Courthouse. During the years, Trudy assisted with administration and development of new technology in the office. One example was the integration of computer; registrations had formerly been hand-written. In September of 1994, Mrs. Hardegree was promoted to Chief Clerk and continued in that same position until her recent retirement.

“It is with sincere admiration that I can only express gratitude to Trudy for her tenured years of service. We thank you for your commitment and excellence for a job well done,” said Commissioner Robertson.

In her retirement, Trudy plans to continue to serve the community working part-time for the Commissioner of License Office at the Alexandria Annex upon its completion. Trudy is also active spending time with Alexandria Youth Sports Activities and with friends and family.