Venecia’s Foundation

Venecia Butler, a resident of Piedmont, Alabama, was first diagnosed with cancer in 2006. After surviving cancer for the second time, she authored her book I’ve Got to Get Some Things off My Chest.

‘I had prayed and asked God what I was supposed to be doing,” said Veneica. ‘I knew you don’t just go through cancer twice like I did and still be here. I knew I was supposed to write a book and go around and speak about my experience, ‘ states Venecia on her website

Venecia’s Foundation’s main goal is to help provide support and care to families who are experiencing cancer. Their major project is to collect and assemble gift bags to supply to chemo patients. the gift bags contain such items as soft blankets, travel pillows, comedy DVDs, chap stick, gift cards, gas cards, crossword puzzle, journals, Sodoku, word search books, eye drops, gum, peppermints, toothbrushes, Lubriderm lotion, and travel packs of tissues.

In addition to the gift bags, the foundation puts on fund raisers each year. Residents have participated in the Piedmont Polar Plunge for two years in a row, with the benefit earning over $2300 in proceeds to go toward the making of the gift bags. In addition to the Plunge, the foundation has benefited from proceeds that have come from a fashion show and the 5K CRAP RUN, also in its second year.

“Last year Venecia’s Foundation gave 195 comfort bags to chemo patients, $4300 in gas cards to radiation patients, 10 portable DVDs, 10 Sony headphones and 200 DVD movies for the chemo rooms in this area…” reports “The Piedmont Journal” in their article from January 7, 2015, which haled Venecia Butler as the recipient of the 2014 Piedmont Journal Citizen of the Year Award.

I want to go in and make sure all chemo rooms have portable DVD players. Sometimes people are there from four to six hours, and I want them to be able to watch funny movies, if they want to. I want to give care packages to the patients and gas cards to help them out financially. I want to brighten their day a little bit, and I can do this by sharing my faith and love with them…Venecia Butler.

To donate to Venecia’s Foundation or to find out how you can help, please contact Venecia at :

PO BOX 572