Business License Renewal

If you are a business entity you have been likely contacted by the Commissioner of License Office with a postcard asking you to send in your declaration of gross receipts.
If you have received one of these cards, you likely have noticed a space for new information.
We have added a line for contractors to report their gross receipts for the State of Alabama. This information is only necessary for businesses that meet the following requirements:
1. An Occupational contractor business license 084 listed in the itemized listing on your business license.
2. This fee is paid in Calhoun County, as opposed to another county in the State of Alabama. If you pay this fee on your Jefferson County license, for example, you are not required to pay it again in any other county. If this line appears on more than one of your business licenses, please contact our office at 256 241 2900 or by email at

Affidavit Declaration Cards are due in our office by September 1 in order for the Business License Department to correctly assess the fees due to be paid in October. For your convenience, these cards may be faxed to 256-231-1892 or
e-mailed to

They may be mailed to

1702 Noble Street Suite 107
Attention Business License
Anniston, AL 36201

We also have a drop box at our window in the Commissioner of License office, and for added convenience, you may also drop your cards off in our Piedmont and Alexandria locations.

New license issuance will be suspended during the month of September, so if you find yourself in need of a new business license, please contact us at
256-241- 2900.

Business license renewal cards will be mailed October 1. Payment for business license may be mailed or made in person at any of our Calhoun County branches during the month of October. We accept cash, checks, and all major forms of credit cards. In addition, business licenses can be renewed online during the month of October only. For a link to the renewal website please visit our Business License page on this website.

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