• Code Section: 32-6-281
  • Primary Tag Type(s): EM (Pre-numbered)
  • Secondary Tag Type(s):
    • 02 (Personalized)
    • MC (Motorcycle Pre-numbered)
    • M2 (Motorcycle Personalized)
  • Series Began: January 2020

All residents of Alabama who are vehicle owners and members of the Emergency Medical Services may purchase license plates in this category.

Emergency Medical Service Member List . (Please use Chrome to search web portal and then select the option to “Access as Public”)

The plates may be personalized.

The plates are not transferable between vehicle owners.

This plate may be displayed upon the following types of vehicles:

  • private passenger automobiles
  • pickup trucks
  • motorcycles

The license plate design changes every five (5) years.

Individual plates are ordered On Demand through the Plate Reservation and Ordering System (PROS). Counties may place bulk orders using the Alabama Inventory Management System (AIMS).


  • Registration: $15.00 – $105.00 depending on the type of vehicle being registered
  • Additional fees:
    • $50.00 annually
    • $5.00 when metal plate is issued
    • The net proceeds of the $50 will go to the State of Alabama general fund. The net proceeds of the $5 shall be distributed to the Department of Revenue.