Alabama Unveils God Bless America Tag

Starting October 2, 2007, Alabama motorists will have a choice when purchasing a standard license plate.
The new tag, designed by the state Revenue Department, features a waving American Flag in the background and “God Bless America” across the bottom. State Representative Steve Hurst, D-Munford, came up with the idea for the tag and got the Legislature to approve it with bipartisan support in April. He said it was intended to unify the state.
Beginning October 2, motorists seeking a new tag at their county tag office can purchase the “God Bless America” tag at the same price as the standard plate. If someone wants to trade their current standard plate for the new tag, the motorist will have to pay the county’s issuance fee, which is $1.25 in Calhoun County, and surrender their old plate.
Several states, including Texas, Missouri, Mississippi, and Iowa already have “God Bless America” tags available to the general public, but they are specialty tags that require an extra payment–much like Alabama’s university tags do.